Rodney Takes Southern Junction by Storm

The storms hit pretty hard in North Texas this past weekend. At the leading edge of those storms was the thunderous performance of Rodney Atkins and his band at the Southern Junction. Over the course of about 90 minutes, Rodney brought the audience a mix of his hits often interacting with members of the audience.

Rodney brings an infectious enthusiasm to the stage. You can tell that this is much more than a performance for him; he really enjoys what he is doing. Whether he feeds off of the enthusiasm of the crowd, or the crowd feeds off of his, the show is a powerful experience for all.

Southern Junction is a place that allows a performer like Rodney to really interact with the audience. Rodney likes to reach out to the people physically as well as to have them to complete a chorus, or even a complete verse. At one point, he held the microphone stand out over the audience to pick up their voices.

Though a large facility, at the Southern Junction there are no bad places to watch a performance. Whether seated at your table enjoying one of their fantastic steaks, or standing near the stage, you are close enough to the performer to get the real impact of the show.

Rodney has a number of songs that reach out to the audience. Some are humorous, like “15 Minutes”, some more down to earth (pun intended) like “A Man on a Tractor” “15 Minutes” brought raucous audience participation when Rodney hit the chorus,

‘Cause I gave smoking, women and drinking last night and it was the worst fifteen minutes on my life

But the serenely real notes of “A Man on a Tractor” allowed the audience to reflect on what is most important in their life. As big as a Southern Junction is, you could feel the inward reflection of the crowd and Rodney’s heartfelt message as he sang,

There I was watching and wondering. My wife came down and sat beside me. She said, “it’s not about living another man’s life. It’s about seeing your own differently”. Oh this home that I love and my children. What more could one man hope to yield. Then she touched my face. And said, “there’s more than one way. To be a man on a tractor with a dog in the field.”

Rodney and the band hit a number of the fan favorites, “Wasted Whiskey”. “These are My People” and “Tell a Country Boy”. But, one song that brought the fans out of their seats was “Cleaning This Gun (Come on in Boy). How many of us have either had a Dad give of us this message, or should have!

Come on in boy sit on down. And tell me about yourself. So you like my daughter do you now? Yeah we think she’s something else. She’s her daddy’s girl. Her momma’s world. She deserves respect. That’s what she’ll get. Ain’t it son? Hey y’all run along and have some fun. I’ll see you when you get back. Bet I’ll be up all night. Still cleanin’ this gun

Southern Junction turned out a wall-to-wall crowd to see a great show from one of today’s great performers. The storms were brewing in Texas and Rodney Atkins was on the leading edge.

Pictures from the show can be seen in our photo section, or by clicking HERE.

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