Rodney performing at the Oil Palace in Tyler, Texas!

The Oil Palace Presents Rodney Atkins
January 29, 2010

Rodney Atkins grew up in hills of East Tennessee surrounded by gospel music and front porch picking.

On Feb. 12 at the Oil Palace in Tyler, Atkins will be in the Rose Capital performing from his platinum-selling album, "If You're Going Through Hell" as well as new material from the much-anticipated new album, "It's America."

Atkins may be a platinum-selling artist, but his success hasn't changed his love of creating real, genuine country music.

"I've always been drawn to country music," Atkins said. "I love the stuff that keeps your toes tapping along, like "If You're Going Through Hell," you just want to sing along with it."

It's important to him that his music is real, he said, and much of it talks about the simple things in life.

"I think I'm just a regular guy, and I try to do the best I can," he said. "I love songs about friends and family. I think that's what life revolves around. Those are the things that are always on my radar and what I'm thinking about constantly."

Life for Atkins may not seem ordinary to us, but offstage, he's a husband and a dad with a 7-year-old son, Elijah, and two teenage stepdaughters who like to call him "Big R."

"I am so blessed with my family and my wife," he said. "She keeps it all together with the kids in school and lessons and here and there, playing sports. And then with a husband on the road working, she somehow manages to keep us balanced."

Country music has allowed dreams to come true for both Atkins and his family - Atkins started out working at a warehouse driving a forklift and delivering office furniture.

"We absolutely had nothing, nothing at all, and then you realize what you actually do have is a great thing, and that's always been the foundation for us," he said.

And that foundation is important when he's on the road.

"You miss your kids like crazy," he said. "Now days we've got iChat and we can look at each other, but it's nothing like them actually being there. They'd actually love to be on the road with me."

But the challenge of missing family also brings the rewards of seeing how his music affects to lives of his listeners.

"When folks come up to you and tell you how their songs have touched your lives, it's a rewarding feeling," he said. "When a father and son come up and they say "Watching You" is our song, and every single Joe comes up and says, "Going Through Hell" helped get them through one of the toughest times in their lives, as well as people dealing with illness, health issues, soldiers - that's rewarding."

And that is what makes his shows so much fun - everyone can relate.

"Everyone sings along, you can pump your fist - it's a celebration of being alive," Atkins said. "It isn't just a guy standing there singing - that's not what we do. Everybody comes to party and have a good time! So come out, forget your worries and bring your friends."

Ticket prices for the show are Floor Reserve $45, GA Risers $35.

Contact the Oil Palace Box Office for additional information 903-566-2121, or visit its Web site at

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