Rodney Included in Cowboys and Indians CMA Fest Wrap-Up


CMA Music Festival 2009 wrap-up

By: Joey Leydon
June 17, 2009


 Rodney Atkins echoed (the sentiment that everyone at CMA Fest is like Family) before launching into a mini-concert at his own fan appreciation party: "I think this is why people usually have much longer careers in country music than they might in other kinds of music — because you establish close relationships with your fans. And that's why people come to an event like this — it's an opportunity to visit all these different artists that they feel close to being family with.

And in my case, they can see me walking around with my family. It's nice not to just blast through a meet-and-greet with them, and be there for maybe — maybe — 30 seconds or a minute. You get to spend some time with them, and sing some songs for them. It's just a little more personal than it might be in other kinds of music. Country music fans are the greatest fans in the world."