Rodney In The Tennesseean - "Back Road" Leads to White Bluff

Country singer Rodney Atkins’ “back road” led him, a well-known director and a production crew to White Bluff for the filming of a new music video.

“We were trying to find a town near Nashville that had just a great feel to it and had a water tower,” Atkins’ manager Greg Hill said.

“The (Dickson County) Water Authority was kind enough to let us use the tower the way we needed to. It became real evident that we were coming to White Bluff.”

Atkins stood on the upper railing of the city water tower as he sang along to his Top 10 song, “Take a Back Road.”

Director Andy Tennant, whose work includes popular films like Hitch and Sweet Home Alabama, created the concept for the music video.

“Think of Rodney as the angel from Wender’s ‘Wings of Desire,’ but instead of Brandenberg gate, he’s perched high on an old water tower,” Tennant said. “(He’s) beckoning people, like the call to prayer, back to the country Mecca of small town America… White Bluff.”

Hill said Tennant hasn’t done any music videos before – and he was glad to have him on board.

“A mutual friend from Rodney’s agency knew Andy and I started harassing him like a dog chasing a car until he said ‘Yeah, I’ll do that,’” Hill said.

The music video should be available online and in rotation on cable stations CMT and GAC in about three weeks, according to Hill.

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