Rodney in the Springfield News-Sun

Check out this excerpt from the Springfield News-Sun reviewing Rodney's performance on July 12th:

Rodney Atkins closed the four-day concert with a 6 p.m. Sunday performance. He sung his hit, ‘These are My People,’ a song that includes one of my all-time favorite lyrics: “I got some discount knowledge at the junior college.”

He also performed ‘Best Things’ and ‘Love About the South.’

But it was his recollection of his first time singing at Country Concert a few years ago that stood out. He said he had performed in Illinois, drove all night to Ohio, arrived at 7 a.m. to perform in the Saloon, a pretty intimate setting at the campground. At that point, Atkins had no hit records.

“I will never forget playing in the beer tent here,” he said. “That’s classic. That’s legendary right there. Holy mackerel what a party broke out. Y’all treated us like we had the biggest record in the world.”