Rodney Atkins' Simple Solution


If You’re Going Through Hell was a much bigger album than Rodney Atkins ever expected, but with that success, his follow-up project suddenly came under a lot more scrutiny than anything he’d recorded before.

It would have been easy to over-think every aspect of the new CD, but Rodney tried to hold on to a basic tenet: Keep it simple.

"I love the songs I grew up on, the Alabama ‘Dixieland Delight’ things that anybody who plays can pull out a guitar, sit on the front porch and play along," he told Billboard. "It’s sort of that front-porch stomp kind of music. You just tap your foot and play. If You’re Going Through Hell has a lot of that feel. It’s not complicated, and that’s what this [new] stuff is."

The album is due March 31, and it’s titled after the current single, "It’s America." The song has him at No. 10 on the USA Today Mediabase country chart.