Rod & Rosey's 3rd Annual Livin' Room Live Show to Benefit Holston Home

Rodney wants to spend his Birthday with YOU, the fans, with Rod & Rosey's 3rd Annual Livin' Room Live Show. From their home to your home...  for the kids at Holston Home.  Get your tickets at
The StageIt show will be Monday, March 28th at 7:30PM (Central). As most of you know Holston United Methodist Home for Children is where Rodney's parents adopted him from as a baby and is near and dear to his heart. You can watch from your computer and depending on your tablet and smart phone, you can watch from there too! 
Instead of giving Rodney gifts, he wants the gifts to be for the kids at Holston Home! There will be lots of ways to help such as online auctions, live giveaways during the show and more! Keep checking back here for more information!
Along with Rodney & Rose special guests Billy Falcon, Max Collins & The HiMMs will perform and you never know who else might stop in at the Atkins home.