Get SongShares of Rodney's Music

We’re excited to announce that Rodney is issuing SongShares on the New York Rock Exchange. Starting Monday October 14, Rodney fans can own a limited edition share of “These Are My People”. These SongShares are kind of like shares of stock, but are for fun instead of money. Shareholders get “dividends” like unreleased tracks, a one-time royalty check, and even a shareholder vote where YOU get to tell Rodney what to do! You can see all the details at


SongShares officially go on sale Monday October 14 at 10AM PST. There are only 500 available, which means they are gonna go quick!. But because you are a Fan Club member, we’re giving you EARLY ACCESS! Starting Thursday October 10 at 10AM PST, you can log into the Fan Club section to get the VIP Code! If you're not yet a Fan Club member you can join HERE