Congrats To The Winners Of The "Dream Of A Lifetime" Contest!

Congratulations to the Rodney Atkins fans who won the "Dream of a Lifetime" contest from Rodney Atkins and Curb Records!  They had a wonderful time in Nashville meeting Rodney, honkey tonkin' on Broadway, and participating in all kinds of other fun activities.

Read the winners' comments below:


“Thank you so much for everything. It was a great time.”
– Bill Bays –
“Thank you for breakfast and the opportunity to meet you. The “concert’ was awesome and meeting you was the highlight of my trip. Great Success! Luv ya!”
– Carol Mowery –
“What can I say!! Seeing you perform in our “private” concert was unforgettable! We came all the way from California and wouldn’t have missed this for anything! It brought tears to our eyes!”
– Crystal Simmons –
“Thanks for the breakfast concert Friday morning. Without a doubt that was the highlight of our trip. Good luck in your career. Hope you are having fun.”
– Ethan Bean –
“Thank you Rodney. Thanks for your great songs!
– Jackie Trojan –
“Thank you so much for the best concert of my life. You’re a “BIG” inspiration to me with your music and your regular life. I hope I get to meet you again in life. Keep up the amazing work. Thank you again.”
– Jeffrey Kiser –
“When I won this ‘Trip of a Lifetime,’ I did not expect what we got. This trip has been unbelievable! Your concert was the best part… you seem like such an amazing person, and I am thrilled that I was able to sit front row and center to look at you!! When you are in our city plan on coming to Homedale for a horseshoe tournament! Thanks for everything!”
– Jennifer Hall –
“I have always loved your music from day one, and when I found out that I was going to meet you, I was so excited. You really are a down to earth country boy. I really appreciate your music and your love to our country. Hope to see you again.”
– Katrina Garcia –
“Thanks so much for the awesome experience. The entire day was fabulous but you were the highlight of the entire weekend. Enjoyed the breakfast and meeting you!”
– Kelly Burke –
“Thank you so much for your kind hospitality and concert. It was the highlight of our trip. We love you and your music. See you when you come to our city and on top of the charts. Thanks for the guitar pick. My daughter will treasure it.  Love ya!”
– Kim Macrostie –
“Thank you so much for breakfast and your time to be with our group and to perform for us. We enjoyed it very much.”
– Louie Casias –
“Thank you very much for an Amazing private show! We really enjoy your music! Look forward to your next album.”
– Michelle Montoya –
“My husband and I want to thank you so much for making our trip to Nashville so special. Our private concert was the highlight of our week.”
– Mistie Huffman –
“Thank you for a great concert. JD and his staff are AWESOME! We had a great trip to Nashville. Hope to return soon.”
– Nikki Palefsky –
“Thank you so much for the wonderful concert! We had an awesome time. Thanks again.”
– Roy Worden –
“Thank you so much for everything. It was a great time.”
– Tiffany Chesnut –
“The show you gave was incredible and we truly enjoyed it. Thanks so much for signing my calendar to my son Tommy who’s a soldier for this great country.”
– Tim Harrington –