Celebrities share best hunting, fishing experiences

Away from the spotlight, big names in entertainment find peace and satisfaction as hunters and fishermen. USA TODAY's Hunt & Fish magazine asked some celebrities:
What's been your proudest or most satisfying moment in the field or on the water?
And what's your favorite or most indispensable piece of hunting gear or fishing tackle?
The Academy of Country Music award winner vividly recalls going quail hunting with his dad when he was growing up in Tennessee. They entered into a long tradition of getting up early on Saturdays and hunting grouse and quail before heading home for chores. Today, when he has a break from touring or recording, Atkins can be found on the water, fishing and savoring the tranquility.
Top moment: "Wow, hunting and fishing with my son. From seeing him get his first buck to watching him reel in a 9-pound largemouth bass. Truthfully, it's just spending those moments in the stillness of the outdoors with him. That is true peace of mind."
Favorite gear: "The most indispensable hunting or fishing gear would be patience and perseverance."
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