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Rodney Atkins - 'It's America' Rating

By: Scott Sexton
Its America Bottom line: Rodney Atkins' latest release It's America, is nothing less than a musical masterpiece. It contains a perfect blend of classic and modern country songs that will have every listener begging for more. It is obvious that he did not take this album lightly, he and put his heart and soul into every tune. It tells the story of Rodney's life and allows his fans to see what makes him who he is.

About Rodney Atkins: From the first time I heard Rodney Atkins on the radio singing "Honesty," there was no denying that he had what it would take to make it in country music. Although this song helped gain him some recognition, it still took another three years for him to actually hit the big time as one of country music's most famous rising stars.

When the album If You're Going Through Hell was released in 2006, fans grabbed up copies left and right. It was amazing to see someone like Rodney fly to the top. The title track to this album told the story of a man who insists upon breaking down every wall that is standing in his way. Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this tune was more like a story about his own struggles than anyone else's.

The tune that really shot Rodney into the big time was a little tune called "Watching You." It was a huge hit on country radio, but if you are someone who watches a lot of country music videos, you know that the video really showed a unique side of Rodney, proving that he was above anything else, a loving father. It featured his son, Elijah and it showed just how special their relationship was.

"These Are My People" helped continue Rodney's success, and with the help of "Cleaning This Gun (Come On In Boy)," fans were able to see his lighter side.

It's America The Songs: Kicking this record off is a great tune called "Tell A Country Boy." It really has an awesome sound and there is no denying its potential. It is about a man who is country and nothing will ever be able to change him. One thing that this tune explains is that you can "Tell A Country Boy" anything and it is safe.

"Chasin' Girls" is a catchy tune, but "Got It Good" really shines bright. Hearing this track allows the listener to take a look into Rodney's life and it shows just how thankful he is about everything is has accomplished. If only everyone would sit back and realize just how good they truly have it.

One song that may hit home for some, more than others is a little tune called "15 Minutes." It is about a man who is trying to "be good" and not go out with his friends so he can stay at home with his better half. Once his friends find out, one of them steps up and lets him know that he quit smoking and chasing women. Unfortunately, that was the worst "15 Minutes" of his life and he went back to doing it. This is a great song with a lot of humor and everyone can enjoy it.

The first single off of this record is already tearing up the charts and is also the title track. It focuses on all the great things we as a country have to be thankful for. The United States is the greatest country in the world and this song helps put it into perspective.

It's America will go down as one of the best albums of 2009. It is perfect from start to finish and and time will prove it.

Release Date: March 31, 2009 - Curb Records

It's America Track List

  •  "Tell A Country Boy"
  •  "Chasin' Girls"
  •  "Got It Good"
  •  "Best Things"
  •  "Friends With Tractors"
  •  "15 Minutes"
  •  "Simple Things"
  •  "It's America" Watch Video
  •  "Rockin' Of The Cradle"
  •  "When It's My Time"
  • "The River Just Knows"

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