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I was driving down the highway one evening a couple years back, when Rodney Atkinsí ĎIf Youíre Going Through Hell,í came upon the radio in my pickup truck. Thatís where I best relate to most music, in my pickup truck. I generally donít hear it until I listen to it in the seat of my Chevrolet.

Immediately I appreciated Atkinsí approach. It was country and it wasnít pretentious. It had a blue collar feel to it. And I found myself pumping my fist, which for me is a decent-enough barometer for whatís legit and what gets tuned-out or turned off.

It wasnít the least bit surprising that the song ultimately went to Number One on the country chart, either. It carried a hard-driving message to folks mired in a tough moment, a never-give-up anthem that the common man could grasp.

Atkins has since followed up that single with several more of similar ilk, songs regular folks hear and think, ĎYep, thatís me.í Again, I appreciate that.

So when I had the opportunity recently to hang out with Atkins just prior to a prerace concert at Richmond International Raceway, I figured I should take advantage. Heís a good olí boy. He looks you in the eye when he talks to you and shakes your hand like he means it. That goes a long way with me. Itís how my daddy taught me. And Iím aware when it happens and when it doesnít.

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